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Systematic Withdrawal Plan or SWP is a withdrawal scheme that allows investors to earn regular income from their mutual fund investments. If you have invested in a mutual fund scheme, you can instruct the fund house to redeem mutual fund units to provide you either a fixed or variable amount of money periodically such as every month, quarter, or year. You can withdraw a fixed amount or the incurred capital gains during the period by customizing the cash flow with the fund house accordingly. 

Calculating returns and the remaining principal amount of SWP can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors if the math is done manually, Although there is a formula to calculate SWP returns, it is recommended that you should use an SWP calculator. An SWP calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate the monthly withdrawals from your mutual fund investment and the total value of the investment after withdrawal.

What is SWP?

SWP is the acronym of Systematic Withdrawal Plan which is a method of withdrawing money periodically from your mutual fund investment. You can set a fixed withdrawal amount or instruct the fund house to withdraw the capital gains from your investment. In this way, you can either earn a fixed or variable income from your mutual fund investment. Let us understand this with an example-

Fixed Withdrawal

Suppose you have invested a certain sum of money and purchased 20,000 units in a mutual fund. You opt for SWP and instruct your fund house to withdraw Rs 10,000 on the 1st of every month, and the first withdrawal date is set on January 1, 2022. Now, let’s suppose that the NAV of the fund is Rs 10. Hence, to withdraw Rs 10,000 every month, the fund house will have to redeem 10000/10 = 1000 units every month. So after the first month withdrawal, you will have 20,000 – 1,000 = 19,000 units left. Now suppose that the mutual fund performs well and its NAV changes to Rs 15 on February 1, 2022. Hence, to withdraw Rs 10,000 this time, you will have to redeem 10000/15 = 666.67 units. After this withdrawal, you will be left with 19,000 – 667 = 18,333 units. This process goes on and you can calculate the remaining units or investment amount. 

Variable Withdrawal

Variable withdrawal in SWP generally means withdrawing the incurred capital gains periodically. Suppose, you have invested Rs 1 lakh in a mutual fund scheme, whose NAV increased by 2% in the first month. This translates into a gain of Rs 2,000. Hence, the capital gain of Rs 2,000 will be withdrawn from your investment. 

Calculating withdrawal value and remaining invested amount after withdrawal is hectic if done manually. You can use a SWP plan calculator and get all the necessary information within no time. Let us learn about the SWP calculator in detail.

SWP Mutual Fund Calculator

As said, a systematic withdrawal plan calculator or SWP calculator is an online tool that shows you the periodic withdrawals and the remaining principal invested amount after the withdrawal. It requires a few inputs to show you the total investment, total withdrawal, and final value of the investment and the total withdrawal. 

The SWP calculator is an easy-to-use tool which requires you to enter four details in order to give the total investment and withdrawal amount along with the final value of the investment after all withdrawals.

A SWP calculator requires the following inputs:

  • Total Investment: It is the total invested amount in the mutual fund scheme
  • Withdrawal Amount (per month): Amount you wish to withdraw every month (or quarter, year)
  • Expected Return (annualized): The expected rate of annual return from the mutual fund scheme
  • Time Period: The time period of SWP, i.e; the number of years for which you will keep withdrawing funds monthly

Based on the given inputs, the SWP calculator will calculate and show you the following:

  • Total Investment: Total amount invested in the mutual fund (same as above)
  • Total Withdrawal: Total amount that you would have withdrawn during the SWP period
  • Final Value: Final value of your investment after subtracting the total withdrawal amount

How can a SWP calculator assist you?

As per the Systematic Withdrawal Plan, an individual needs to invest a particular amount and withdraw a certain amount of the corpus invested each month. After withdrawal, the amount will be deducted from the investment while it continues to accumulate interest.

It is difficult to accurately calculate the monthly withdrawals and total matured sum. CashZeni can help you with this complex calculations with the its SWP calculator. This Systematic Withdrawal Plan calculator easily computes your matured sum as per your monthly withdrawals precisely. Calculators are simplifying the way people invest in mutual funds.

How Does SWP Calculator Work?

SWP calculator saves you from doing manual calculations in order to calculate total withdrawal, remaining invested amount, and more. It uses the following formula:

A = PMT ((1+r/n)^nt – 1) / (r/n))


A = Final value of investment

PMT = Amount withdrawn every period

n = number of compounds in a period

r = expected annual rate of return

t = total number of period for which the money is invested

Let us understand this with an example:

Suppose you have invested Rs 2,40,000 in a mutual fund scheme and opted for an SWP of Rs 10,000 per month for a period of 12 months. Considering the annual rate of return from the mutual fund scheme to be 7%, we get the following balance sheet:

Investment Amount after each withdrawalWithdrawal AmountExpected ReturnRemaining Amount after each withdrawal
Rs 2,40,000Rs 10,000Rs 1,283.2Rs 2,21,283.2
Rs 2,21,283.2Rs 10,000Rs 1174.14Rs 2,02,457.4
Rs 2,02,457.4Rs 10,000Rs 1064.2Rs 1,83,521.8
Rs 1,83,521.8Rs 10,000Rs 953.8Rs 1,64,475.6
Rs 1,64,475.6Rs 10,000Rs 842.6Rs 1,45,318.4
Rs 1,45,318.4Rs 10,000Rs 731Rs 1,26,049.4
Rs 1,26,049.4Rs 10,000 Rs 618.6 Rs 1,06,668
Rs 1,06,668Rs 10,000Rs 505.4Rs 87,173.6
Rs 87,173.6Rs 10,000Rs 391.8Rs 67,565.4
Rs 67,565.4Rs 10,000Rs 277.4Rs 47,842.8
Rs 47,842.8Rs 10,000Rs 162.4Rs 28,005.4
Rs 28,005.4Rs 10,000Rs 46.6Rs 8,052.1

Hence, your final value of investment will be Rs 8,052.1. 

You can also get the final amount by using the CashZeni SWP calculator. 

Benefits of Using CashZeni SWP Calculator

  • Using CashZeni SWP calculator, you can gauge your remaining investment amount after each withdrawal, by adjusting both the withdrawal amount and capital gains incurred. 
  • You can easily change the total investment amount, withdrawal amount, expected rate of return, and time period of SWP to get different results based on the inputs. This helps you to compare different SWP plans and get the best customization for you.
  • The CashZeni SWP calculator shows you the final value of investment after the SWP ends. With this, you can plan your future investment/finances in advance.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan or SWP is one of the best ways to get secure income from your mutual fund investments. You can easily choose the right SWP for a mutual fund using the CashZeni SWP calculator and optimize your returns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SWP calculator?

A SWP calculator is a tool that helps investors estimate the periodic withdrawal amount they can make from their mutual fund investments through a systematic withdrawal plan.

How does a SWP calculator work?

A SWP calculator takes into account the investor’s investment amount, investment duration, withdrawal frequency, and expected rate of return. It calculates the periodic withdrawal amount based on these inputs.

Why is a SWP calculator useful?

A SWP calculator helps investors plan their cash flows and withdrawals from their mutual fund investments. It allows them to determine a systematic withdrawal strategy to meet their financial goals while ensuring the invested amount lasts for the desired period.

Can a SWP calculator be used for any type of investment?

SWP calculators are primarily designed for mutual fund investments. They may not be applicable to other types of investments or financial instruments.

Can a SWP calculator account for taxes?

Some SWP calculators include options to account for taxes on capital gains or dividends earned from the mutual fund investments. However, tax rules and rates may vary, so it’s important to ensure the calculator aligns with the tax regulations in your country.

Can a SWP calculator help estimate investment returns?

SWP calculators are typically used to determine the withdrawal amount based on an expected rate of return. They do not directly estimate investment returns or predict future performance.

Is a SWP calculator accurate in estimating future cash flows?

SWP calculators provide estimates based on the inputs and assumptions provided. However, they cannot predict market fluctuations or guarantee future performance. It’s important to review and adjust your SWP strategy periodically based on your investment’s actual performance.

Can a SWP calculator handle multiple mutual fund investments?

Some SWP calculators may have the functionality to handle multiple mutual fund investments and provide an aggregated withdrawal amount. It’s advisable to choose a calculator that meets your specific investment needs.