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PPF (Public Provident Fund) is a savings plan that allows individuals to save a part of their earnings each year in order to build a retirement corpus. Individuals who contribute to the PPF scheme are eligible to receive interest on the principal amount along with tax-saving benefits too. It was introduced to encourage people who are not covered by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to save and build a retirement fund.

Understanding PPF

Explained below are a few important points that you must know about the Public Provident Fund-

  • The PPF scheme is a tax-saving investment option that secures the financial future of the individual in the long term
  • Along with the benefit of creating the post-retirement fund, PPF provides an opportunity for the individual to gain tax benefits up to the maximum limit of Rs.1.5 lakh on the contributed amount
  • Moreover, the interest earned on the invested amount and the maturity amount is tax exempted under Section 80C of the IT Act
  • With a lucrative interest rate of 7.1% (compounded annually), PPF is best suitable for investors who want to have secured investment and gain guaranteed return in the long term

What is a PPF Calculator?

A PPF calculator helps you figure out how much returns you would be able to generate at the end of your investment tenure upon investing a particular amount of money in a PPF account. To find out this amount, you only need to figure out the amount that you wish to invest on a regular basis. After entering this amount in a PPF calculator, it will assume your investment tenure to be 15 years and will calculate your returns considering the prevalent interest rate.

How does the PPF Calculator Work?

A PPF calculator works on the following formula-

F = P[({(1 + i) ^ n}-1)/i]
F = Maturity proceeds of the PPF
P = Annual installments
n = Number of years
i = Rate of interest/100

Now, let’s take an example to understand this better-

Suppose, you make annual payments of Rs. 1,00,000 towards your PPF account for a time period of 15 years at 7.1%.

Now, according to the above formula, your maturity proceeds at the end of 15 years would be –

F = P[({(1+i)^n}-1)/i]
F = 1,00,000[({(1 + 7.1/100)^15}-1)/7.1/100]
F = Rs. 31,17,276

Hence, the total amount that you would accumulate in your PPF account at the end of 15 years would be Rs. 31,17,276 if you invest Rs. 1,00,000 to your PPF account annually.

PPF Interest Rates July 2023

Financial YearTime PeriodPPF Interest Rate (per annum)
2023-2024April 2023 – June 20247.10% p.a.
2022-2023April 2022 – March 20237.10%
2021-2022April 2021 – March 20227.10%
2020-2021April 2020 – March 20217.10%
2020-2021January 2020 – March 20207.90%
2019-2020October 2019 – December 20197.90%
2019-2020July 2019 – September 20197.90%
2019-2020April 2019 – June 20198.0%
2018-2019January 2019 – March 20198.0%
2018-2019October 2018 – December 20188.0%
2018-2019July 2018 – September 20188.0%
2018-2019April 2018 – June 20187.60%
2017-2018January 2018 – March 20187.60%
2017-2018October 2017 – December 20177.80%
2017-2018July 2017 – September 20177.80%
2017-2018April 2017 – June 20177.90%
2015-2016April 2015 – March 20168.70%
2014-2015April 2014 – March 20158.70%
2013-2014April 2013 – March 20148.70%
2012-2013April 2012 – March 20138.80%
2011-2012April 2011 – November 20118.0%
2011-2012December 2011 – March 20128.60%
2010-2011April 2010 – March 20118.0%
2009-2010April 2009 – March 20108.0%
2008-2009April 2008 – March 20098.0%
2007-2008April 2007 – March 20088.0%
2006-2007April 2006 – March 20078.0%
2005-2006April 2005 – March 20068.0%
2004-2005April 2004 – March 20058.0%

How to Calculate Funds Using PPF Calculator?

To calculate your accumulated funds using a PPF calculator, you simply need to enter a few details related to your PPF investment such as the amount of your investment and frequency of your investment. The PPF calculator would automatically take your investment tenure to be 15 years as it is the minimum time period to invest in a PPF account. The estimated rate of interest would be considered as that on the present day.

Your accumulated investment PPF amount would be shown in a few seconds on your PPF calculator!

Benefits of Using a PPF Calculator

A PPF calculator must be used to calculate the accumulated funds in a PPF account for the following reasons-

  • It clearly shows how much amount you would be able to accumulate at the end of your investment tenure. This can help you get a fair idea of whether or not your long term financial goals would be met
  • Using a PPF calculator eliminates the need to perform complex calculations and spend long periods of time in figuring out if investing in a PPF account is the right option for you
  • Given that the calculations using a PPF calculator are automated, it avoids the chances of errors in calculations entirely
  • You can use the calculator as many times as you wish to and calculate how much more or less amount you need to invest in your PPF account

Who should Invest in PPF?

Only the following employees are eligible to get their funds invested in EPF-

  • Only Indian citizens are eligible to open a PPF account
  • An Indian citizen residing in another country may continue to operate his or her PPF account
  • Parents/guardians can open a PPF account on behalf of their minor children

*It should be noted that joint and multiple accounts are not allowed to be opened

Which Banks Provide a PPF Account?

PPF account is offered by many nationalized banks, private banks, post offices and its branches with the facility to apply online and offline.

The following banks provide PPF account facility.

BankOnline facility availableType of bank
State Bank of IndiaYesPublic Sector
ICICI BankYesPrivate Sector
HDFC BankYesPrivate Sector
Central Bank of IndiaYesPublic Sector
Bank of India (BOI)YesPublic Sector
Union Bank of IndiaNoPublic Sector
Bank of MaharashtraNoPublic Sector
IDBIYesPublic Sector
Bank of Baroda (BOB)NoPublic Sector
Vijaya BankNoPublic Sector
Allahabad BankYesPublic Sector
Oriental Bank of Commerce(OBC)NoPublic Sector
Canara BankYesPublic Sector
Corporation BankNoPublic Sector
Dena BankNoPublic Sector
Indian BankNoPublic Sector
Axis BankYesPrivate Sector
Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)NoPublic Sector
Punjab National Bank (PNB)NoPublic Sector
United Bank of IndiaNoPublic Sector
Syndicate BankNoPublic Sector
Andhra BankNoPublic Sector
UCO BankNoPublic Sector

Check your PPF Balance Online

Following are the steps to check PPF balance online-

  • Link your existing bank account with the PPF account
  • Net banking should be enabled to check PPF balance online
  • Next, access the bank’s internet banking portal
  • and Find a section where you can check your PPF balance and status


  • The procedure to check PPF balance online may differ from one bank to the next
  • If you have an inactive net banking facility, it is best to get it activated as soon as possible
  • It is recommended that the existing bank account be linked to the PPF bank account to perform various banking transactions

Advantages of Using PPF Calculator

A PPF account calculator is an online simple and easy to use tool. A PPF calculator provides an estimate of interest earned, maturity value for a given amount invested and investment period.

An investor can use the PPF calculator by simply visiting our website, enter the amount to be invested and period of investment. The PPF maturity calculator will provide the total corpus created at the end of the investment period.

Today it is very important to know in advance the expected maturity amount. This helps an investor make the most appropriate decision and choose between alternatives to PPF which will match his/ her financial goals.

The advantages of using an online PPF account calculator is listed below;

  1. An online PPF interest calculator provides an investor with an estimation of how much interest can be earned given an amount of principal in hand.
  2. It helps an investor in making the decision on the investment horizon, for how long the investment should be held to achieve the investment goal.
  3. An online PPF maturity calculator provides the schedule of investment in advance (as shown above), this helps in planning the yearly amount to be invested, loan that can be availed and the amount that can be withdrawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum tenure and investment amount to open a PPF account?

The minimum tenure is 15 years and the minimum investment amount required to open a PPF account is Rs. 500.

What are the benefits of PPF?

With PPF, you can earn guaranteed and fixed returns, benefit from tax savings at the time of investment, and accumulate wealth and withdraw interest.

Can I withdraw PPF before 5 years?

No. PPF doesn’t allow investors to make partial withdrawals before five years. Even after five years, PPF has a restriction on the withdrawal limit. Additionally, investors can avail a loan on their PPF investment from the third year.

Are PPF investments eligible for tax benefits?

Yes. You can claim a tax deduction of up to ₹1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act against the amount invested during the financial year. Since PPF falls under the tax-exempt category, the interest and maturity amount are exempt from tax.

How much I will get in PPF after 15 years?

An investor will receive the matured amount in the PPF account. This maturity amount will be the principal amount invested and the interest earned during the 15 years. To know the expected amount after 15 years in advance, use the PPF calculator, just enter the amount deposited, period and the wealth gain will be calculated.

Is the PPF scheme a good investment?

The PPF account carries many benefits like regulated by the Government of India, not affected by the market fluctuations, tax exemptions, loan facility, withdrawal options. It is a good investment option for an investor who seeks retirement benefits or a very long term secure investment. However, there are other alternatives to PPF like ELSS, ULIP etc.

How much I will get in PPF after 15 years?

With a yearly investment of Rs 1,50,000 at the rate of 7.1%, you can expect Rs 40,68,209 at the end of 15 years. You can use CashZeni PPF Calculator to estimate your returns. Furthermore, the calculator is available online and is free to use